Anime3D SFX is an independant game studio founded in October 2009.
We produce original 3D titles targetting the iOS platform.


Project Spectral

Our flagship project, a horror thriller with a distinctively dark atmosphere.

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Game Degree Zero

A quirky experience featuring a noncommittal character, Game Degre Zero is at once a game design diary and a surrealist experience. Minimalist settings frame a quixotic quest to capture an elusive creature.

Available in selected App stores.

Antistar 3D: Rising

Realtime 3D adventure featuring a bold red haired heroine and an imaginative cast of fairy tale creatures.
Antistar seduces thanks to atmospheric visuals, music and a wandering narrative.

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Our mission

Authoring original games and non-repeatable interactive experiences.

We emphasize individual creativity; bottom-up integration and streamlined workflows are integral to this process.

Our interests include artificial life, artificial intelligence and automated design.

Why it is important

The entertainment market is dominated by mass reproduction and mass consumption. Using high fidelity equipment, millions of people are exposed to virtually identical experiences.

Unlike film or music, the computer medium has the potential to vary these experiences. We like to think that, eventually, each of our players will enjoy a uniquely personal experience. In a global market blindly generating cultural convergence on a global scale, we believe that plurality is a value, and a strength.

Likewise, our emphasis on bottom up integration and individual creativity is an answer to a risk averse industry that discourages innovation.


Tea - Founder
Favorite games: Katamari, Spirit, Vampire: Origins, Samurai: Way of the Warrior.


Zhang Chan - Talented illustrator and 3D artist, Chan created app icons and 2D visuals for Antistar.

Past Contributors

Chang Whan Yea - Localization, Sales & Marketing (Korea).
Favorite games: Starcraft, Special Forces

Hiroshi - Localization, Sales & Marketing (Japan).
Junior College student in Tokyo, Hiroshi likes reading, sports and... video games!
Favorite game: Winning Eleven

Karen - Testing and localization (China).
Favorite game: Sushi Cat

Zindi Jong - Localization (Hong Kong, Taiwan).


Anime 3D SFX is an OOgtech label.
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